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Special menu items is a Drupal module that provides placeholder and separator menu items. A placeholder is a menu item which is not a link. It is useful with dynamic drop down menus where we want to have a parent menu item which is not linking to a page but just acting as a parent grouping some menu items below it. A separator menu item is something like "-------" which is not linking anywhere but merely a mean to structure menus and "separate" menu items visually. This is how the module works: * User can create a new menu item and place either "nolink" or "separator" to the URL field, without quotes. * When the menu is rendered the "nolink" item will be rendered similar to a normal menu link item but there will be no link but the title only. * When the menu is rendered the "separator" item will be rendered to an item which is no link but a title like "-------". This module depends on Menu module. It is recommended to use SimpleMenu module or another dynamic menu module or you will not be able to acess children of nolink menu items. You can find the module at http://drupal.org/project/special_menu_items

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Mon, 2009-05-04
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Warrning Message

Tried this along with Simple Menu 6.x-1.2. Also have menu 6.11 installed on WAMP for testing. (i.e. no live site) Received a page of the following warnings... "warning: Missing argument 2 for variable_get(), called in C:\wamp\www\real_estate\sites\all\modules\special_menu_items\special_menu_items.module on line 66 and defined in C:\wamp\www\real_estate\includes\bootstrap.inc on line 500." If Special Menu Items is removed and Simple Menu is active then the warnings go away. However, did notice that when one of the selected menu items was marked 'nolink' it did become a non link. As a question is it possible to also have the items below the non link be non expanded and when the non link is check it will expand? It would be my guess that no this is not possible..... Also tried only using SMI without SM and it displayed the same warnings. Using Drupal 6.11 with Ubercart 2.0-RC2. You can send an email to my provided address if you like. Or post to Drupal under your module. But did not see any submit issues button...... Thanks, Jim


Hi, yes it seems that there was a missing 2nd variable in variable_get. Fix is now applied and online on Drupal site. For now this module doesn't support expanding nolink items, but you can add it as feature request and we will considered it if enough people are interested. I would recommend you to use it with Simple Menu or Nice Menu modules.

problems using this module

I found these problems: - Once installed, when I go to edit a menu item, the element path is always empty. - When i select nolink, the links appear on breadcrumb but goes to a web page called "nolink". I don't know if this should work like this. I need the menu item name without link. - And finally... i desactivated the module and all the options from my menu were deleted :-( Thanks... i really like this module and i'll be wainting for a new release. Thanks very much. Frank

Hi Frank

Hi Frank, - Once installed, when I go to edit a menu item, the element path is always empty. Yes, it seems that this is a bug. We will post fix soon. *UPDATE fix is now posted at Drupal site as 6.x-1.2 release. -When i select nolink, the links appear on breadcrumb but goes to a web page called "nolink". I don't know if this should work like this. I need the menu item name without link. Because Drupal 6 has built in validation for menu item path we had to put "dummy" pages for nolink and separator items. When item is rendered it is not linkable, only in edit menu you can see its path as nolink. -And finally... i deactivated the module and all the options from my menu were deleted Disabling the module should just remove nolink and separator items. If you enable it again you should get them back. I couldn't reproduce same error so if you can give me more information it would be very helpful.

new version tested

Hi Tamir, thanks for the update. I have tested it and still have this problem: - Menú is ok. The menu item with nolink appears without href link. But the problem comes with the breadcrumb. The item there still have the link to the "nolink" page. Frank

Feature request

Hi Frank, Scope of this module is to only display nolink and separator items on a menu. However you can add this as a feature request here and if we will consider it for next release.

Thanks, I did it :-p Frank

Thanks, I did it :-p Frank

Very happy to have found this

Thank you for your work. I tried a number of methods and lots of googling and clearly this is a big issue for folks. I implmented your module, and it turned out nicely. I had been running DHTML_Menu_Module and my first try gave me the nolinks correctly, but the expanded menu didn't show the child. I disabled the DHTML module completely and your menu functioned as I wanted. I also use Dynamic Persistent Menu Module to create a horizontal footer. that is working find with this. For my needs, I did away with DHTML menu, your feature was more important! Thank you again.

Hi James Thank you for your

Hi James Thank you for your feedback. We're always happy to hear that our Drupal Modules helped others :)

It's not working quite right for me

I tried your module today; it looks like what I need. I installed it in an attempt to suppress category groups in the taxonomy, for instance: --type a and b items <--what i want to suppress --items of type a --items of type b I' still seeing a link, to '/nolink' (which when clicked, takes me to the page I don't want to see). I'm also using URL aliases. Would the aliasing disrupt things...or...?

Thank you

Your module solved my problem and that is exactly what I needed. Thank for because you had shared your solution with us. Regards from Montenegro

module bolixes applied style in superfish

I'm using the Superfish module for dropdown. The Special Menu Items bolixes the applied style on the 'nolink' item. You can see it at http://messengerwebdesign.com/buchananbikes/. The second menu item, About Us, has incorrect height, width & padding, probably because css inheritance needs is to be an anchor that is a child of the list item. Any suggestions for a fix?


Another discovery -- since the plugin doesn't create a null link, users can't tab to the disabled menu item to expand the submenu. This breaks accessibility for some users. A better approach would be to create an anchor with a value of 'null'. This would solve both the styling problems in the various dropdown menu plugins and make the link accessible.

fix for previous two posts

figured it out. go to the plugin config page and replace the first option < span> with < a> (no space).

on second thought

Turns out this doesn't fix the accessibility problem, but it does take care of the styling issues.

here's the solution

to regain focus during tabbed navigation, change the default < span> tag with < a href="#"> (no spaces) on the module's configuration page.

Not working with Primary links menu (Drupal 6.17)

This module doesn't appear to work with the Primary links menu. It defaults to the message: "This is a dummy page used for placeholder and separator menu items. You should not be able to see this page." I hope there's a fix because having a lead menu item with no link is a recurring requirement. Regards SteveB

Dhtml menu

Dhtml menu stops working with this enabled