The world is a village.

Economically spoken a controversial statement – but a fact concerning the web. Globalization is an integral element of the web. Whether you are located in the same street or on the other side of the globe – in the web, business partners and clients are always just „next door“. Distance and boarders are not longer relevant.

It has become easy to contact potential customers all over the globe, barriers and obstacles do however exist. Foreign languages, different time zones and cultural misunderstandings can drastically impact business success. Nowadays, multilingual web appearance is essential. English is a must and the native languages of your customers a crucial advantage. In the Middle East and the Gulf, sale opportunities increase essentially when advertising through an Arabic web page.

However, globalization means more than multilingualism. The global village consists of humans who are not only influenced by their own language but also by local conditions, perceptions, culture and communication. Who wants to succeed globally has to convince locally.

We are experts when it comes to leveraging the international and cross cultural potential of the web. Being Swiss, a trilingual environment belongs to our daily routine. We know very well the peculiarities of a multilingual appearance with totally different letters and writing directions. Our team covers 6 languages. We have complete command of Swiss German, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Due to our employees in Amman and our activities in Arab countries, we are not only familiar with the Arab language (spoken and written) but also with the local conditions.

We convince locally for you to have global success.