Cloud Computing

Your web solution should grow parallel to your business success. Instead of investing at the beginning in an expensive system that can handle future growth, a system should be used that scales with your business success. We offer such solutions, customized to your needs, based on the Cloud Computing infrastructure from Amazon.

Standard website solutions are generally not able to handle high numbers of visitors at once. When a company has its breakthrough and is published in the media, the website is suddenly accessed by many visitors at once. It is quite possible that a website with usually 50 visitors a day will be accessed all of a sudden by 100'000 people a day. In most cases this will lead to an overload of the system and the website will not be available anymore.

If the website is an essential element in your business and crashes just in this very important moment, needless to say that this is catastrophic.

In order to avoid this situation, a website has to be able to manage such high traffic peaks. Solving this problem by classical approach, the purchase or rental of several servers and configuration of the applications would be needed. However, this would be a significant investment that had to be done. The infrastructure of the website must be able to manage the load of the highest expected amount of visitors accessing it. That means having a system operational all the time of which most of the time only a fraction of its capacity would be used. Obviously this approach would be rather costly. We offer you a much better solution.

We put your web solution on Amazons Computing Cloud and configure it for automatic scaling. The system adapts to the traffic load and automatically provide the processing power needed. This guarantees that your website will not let you down, even in moments of success. And the best is that you don't have to bear exorbitant investment and operating costs. You just pay the resources you used.

Go and see for yourself. Living Classic, a constantly growing online community relies on our knowledge and the Cloud Computing infrastructure from Amazon. Thus, this platform can cope with growing user rates and sudden traffic peak load.

We get your website fit for success.