Online Communities

Web 2.0 is also called „the writable web“. The era of web 2.0 that started 2004 is defined by a web that features more and more web sites and applications that focus on interaction, usability and collaboration. Users are not only consuming and getting informed anymore trough the web, today they create the content of the Internet themselves.

Part of this evolution is the large amount of online communities in the web that is getting bigger every day. Such communities consist of members interacting online, establishing contacts, organizing themselves, co-operating in projects, publishing content, discussing, commenting or just getting information.

There are general online communities like Facebook, but also more specific ones like Linked In and Xing (business networking), (music), WAYN (travel), aSmallWorld (Jet Set).

Online communities are found in companies as well. Employees use internal platforms for co-operation, training, education or creating new products and ideas. Especially globally spread teams use such online collaboration communities in order to co-operate even if they are divided by great distance in between them.

The freely available open source applications were developed much more effective and faster due to online collaboration communities. A well known example is Linux (the free alternative to Windows), which is constantly being developed by innumerable developers all over the globe.

Online community platforms enable project management, communication, data transfer and collaboration on the same document or program code. That is why numerous companies use such community systems in order to improve internal co-operation. Some of them build public communities around their product. They motivate their customers to discuss that product and actively contribute to its success. In this way they build a loyal customer base and receive useful feedback. Some customers turn into product evangelist promoting the product by themselves.

Use the advantage of social web interaction yourself! Allow discussion and interaction on your own website, encourage co-operation between your team members (globally) or create a platform for a new online community with millions of users. Whatever your plans may be, we are your ideal partner for their implementation.

We are familiar with the existing communities and specialized in creating new ones. Either we integrate interactive elements on your existing website or we develop a new community platform for your specific purpose. Our showcase “Living Classic“ is an online community for classical music. We supported this project from the beginning by creating concept and design and developing the platform afterwards. At the moment we are maintaining operation, extending functionality and supporting marketing.

We would be pleased to lead your community to great success!