We create new ways of learning. The Internet has radically changed how people learn. A library at university is less then ever bare information source but rather working and learning location. Information nowadays is located in the web. Students and learners in general can no longer imagine learning without the web.

However, the web is not only an information tool or replacement for a book. It also allows completely new learning and teaching methods. Online courses are already well established in many places. They represent a kind of interactive and overall accessible teaching material. Other learning methods are gaining ground, such as collaborative learning in virtual groups, virtual universities, learning management systems and online learning communities. You may practice foreign languages while forming tandems with native speakers worldwide – online and interactive.

We at Servit as well are learning from the web every day. We are committed to facilitate easy and comfortable learning trough the Internet in a way that makes learning fun. Shortly we will publish the SCORM module for Drupal that we developed. It allows to embed interactive learning content on online platforms based on the content management system.

With pleasure we will help your students to have a successful learning process!