Drupal Meetup Amman, February 5th

Again it was the 1st Sunday of an even month, it was the 5th of February 2012 and we had the third Drupal meetup in Amman in our office in Shmeisani. This time we concentrated on doing less presentations and more workshops, to find solutions for Drupal problems developers are facing in their daily life. We started with a presentation done by Shadi Alyan about caching in Drupal, where people got the chance to ask some question and talk about some of their experiences in this topic. After that we split into three groups, where every group made a small workshop about a different topic. The first group worked on the Notification Module. The second group worked on translation in Drupal and some performance issues and the third group was mainly for the Drupal beginners, as to give the chance to learn some basic topics in Drupal. A usual, there was a break between the workshops, where people got the chance to mingle and talk about things other than Drupal, while eating some snacks and drinking coffee and tea. This meetup was a little different than the other meetups we hosted before; because it was more interactive, fun and full with useful information about Drupal. It was our pleasure to host this meetup and it was very nice to meet all these people, some of them came for the first time while others for the third time. Thank you all for coming and we're looking forward to see you again in the coming meetup on the 1st of April.
last edited: 08-02-2012