Drupal Meetup Amman, December 4th

On Sunday, December 4th 2011, we have hosted the second Drupal Meetup in our offices in Amman. The attendees were quite experienced with Drupal, and were able to discuss interesting topics and come up with clever Drupal-related ideas. What's more important, is that it was a great chance for them to exchange their knowledge and experience with Drupal. There were four different presentations in this event, one about different Drupal tips by Khaled Zaidan. The second one was about Drupal 6 Vs. Drupal 7 by Mohammed Abdel Qader. The third one was about E-Commerce (Uebercart) by Randa Eliyan and the fourth one was about Drupal performance by Shadi Alyan. Each two presentations were separated by a short coffee and snacks break, where people got the chance to mingle and talk about things other than Drupal. It was a great pleasure to host this meetup and to meet more Drupalists from Amman. We would like to thank everyone for his participation, and we're looking forward to organizing more and more meetups, where we would love to see all of you again.
last edited: 07-12-2011