Acquisition of the development office

Servit has gone through some structural changes in the past months. During the past 4 years we were able to build up our development office in Jordan with great dedication and turn it into a "Center of Excellency for Open Source Development" with a total of 15 employees. We're happy to announce that Aspire Infotech in Jordan is acquiring our development office and is going to manage it in the future. This will allow us to focus more on supporting and advising our clients in Switzerland on-site. Aspire is specialized in IT-Outsourcing services and has more than 400 specialized employees available to support their clients. During a 5 months transition phase we have been gradually handing over our team as well as all projects and development work to the new management of Aspire. As of November 19 2012 this transition phase will be completed and Aspire will handle all projects and development independently. We as Servit will be advising and supporting our clients in Switzerland on-site during project setup and definition. If addtional project management or consulting services are needed on-site, we are offering those on a consultancy basis.
last edited: 19-11-2012