xt:Commerce is an e-commerce shop system forked from the popular and mature osCommerce shop system. xt:Commerce allows better customization of layout and design than ocCommerce. xt:Commerce is popular mainly in the German speaking area. It is open source but download is only possible after paying a "sponsoring fee". The tone in the forum is rather harsh. Because of this sponsoring fee the forum members feel more as customers than community members and thus expect a service from xt:Commerce rather than contributing and helping other members. Regarding customization it needs to be said that xt:Commerce can be better customized than osCommerce but still doesn't offer a lot of flexibility. In order to have a fully customized online shop one is better of with Ubercart. While xt:Commerce might be a better choice to have a standard shop ready in short time and without programming knowledge, Ubercart offers much more possibilities and flexibility to build a customized solution.
last edited: 25-03-2010