Contenido is a free and open source content management system (CMS). It allows to give users with normal IT literacy the power to manage the content of a website by their own. Contenido websites have a front end and a back end. The back end is used to administrate the website content. Its user interface resembles the standard folder and file trees found in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. As many users are familiar with such an interface to manage content we experienced positive client feedback about the usability of the system. Some years back Contenido was a really good system compared to others on the market. Unfortunately it was not able to keep up with the development pace of other systems and has been left behind. One reason for that might be it's limitation to the German speaking market. Although the system supports multilingual sites very well, its documentation and community is mainly German. This and the fact that the company which released Contenido (four for business AG) completely controls development and doesn't include contributions from the community very quickly, have hindered the community to really grow and flourish. So without a big community it's difficult for a company like four for business to keep up the development pace of other CMS like Joomla and Drupal which have huge, international and vibrant communities.
last edited: 07-03-2010